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Our Mission:  To serve firefighter wives, marriages, families,

Our organization grew from the grass roots via social media when Lori Mercer, a fire wife, shared a blog post in July 2012 about the challenges of their marriage and her struggles to understand the fire life.  (Read that original post here).  The emails that flooded in were filled with emotion.  Many were struggling and needed to hear this message.  They were not alone.

Since that first blog post, the mission grew to create safe, encouraging communities for spouses of firefighters.

Our organization has created resources specifically for marriage and family of first responders that never existed before.  And brought together a community of peer support and accountability to keep our marriages strong and our firefighters focused on safely and skillfully doing what they love as a firefighter.

We talk about the brotherhood and sisterhood but that has fallen short with significantly high divorce rates, neglect of family and sky rocketing behavioral health issues that are a blemish to the honor and integrity and courage with which the fire service prides itself.

Firefighters, Commitment to your marriage and family is courageous.

Spouses, you're role is just as heroic and critical and you are called to go the extra mile loving a first responder.

None of us have to do it alone.

High quality merchandise that shares our mission is a key part of our funding.  Everyone in the fire service loves a good t-shirt.  And wearing shirts with positive messages on them is one small way to bring the fun and honor back to marriage.

Our store is only open for certain seasons so we can be most efficient with your deliveries.  Because we custom order each item for your size, color and style and sometimes even with personalization, it does take around 2 weeks to receive some orders.   Thanks for understanding as we try to keep cost low and efficiency high and we simply can't compete with the awesomeness of Amazon delivery times ;)

Thank you for supporting our mission!